Ladies' Perfum 50 ml

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Brand: Kazar
Fragrance family: Fruity - floral
Top notes: Bergamot, Black pepper, Orange
Heart notes: Peach, Violet, Jasmine
Base notesbase notes: Sandalwood, Moss, Patchouli, Vanilla
Capacity: 50 ml

Charmer Deep is a fragrance full of freshness and at the same time sensuality and mystery. Bergamot and orange used in the head notes are ingredients that bring lightness and refreshment. Their citrus scent is broken by black pepper, which adds sharpness and expressiveness. The heart note is dominated by jasmine known for its aphrodisiac properties - it is sweet and intoxicating. In turn, the base of the perfume is moss and sandalwood, which give the resin-balsamic aroma.

The presented perfume belongs to the oriental-citrus fragrance group, which uniquely combines stimulating and refreshing notes with heavier, more expressive ones. It will be perfect for energetic and self-confident women.