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Brand: Kazar
Fragrance family: Woody - aquatic
Top notes: Pineapple, Melon, Wild strawberry
Heart notes: Sea breeze, Artemisia, Orange blossom
Base notesbase notes: Amber, Tonka bean, Dry woods
Capacity: 50 ml

Seduire Deep is a fragrance that combines the sweetness of fruit with a warm, enveloping oriental aroma. The initial notes of the composition exude the juiciness of melon, pineapple and sweet strawberry. After a while, there is a crisp aroma associated with the sea breeze, complemented by artemisia and orange blossoms. A strong base that emphasizes and brings out what is most valuable in the perfume is intense, balsamic and warm aromas derived from dry wood, amber and Tonka beans.

The presented parfume is a proposal for men who appreciate ambiguous, contrasting combinations, which undoubtedly include a combination of fruit, water and oriental aromas.